2023 LifeCode # 9 INDRA Yearly Forecast Guidebook Swami Ram Charran LIFE CODE (Printed)
2023 LifeCode # 9 INDRA Yearly Forecast Guidebook Swami Ram Charran LIFE CODE (Printed)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 2023 LifeCode # 9 INDRA Yearly Forecast Guidebook Swami Ram Charran LIFE CODE (Printed)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 2023 LifeCode # 9 INDRA Yearly Forecast Guidebook Swami Ram Charran LIFE CODE (Printed)

2023 LifeCode # 9 INDRA Yearly Forecast Guidebook Swami Ram Charran LIFE CODE (Printed)

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by Swami Ram Charran

For LifeCode # 9


Lifecode #9 is for the following birth dates: Jan 08,17,26; Feb 07,16,25; Mar 06,15,24; Apr 05,14,23; May 04,13,22,31; Jun 03,12,21,30; Jul 02,11,20,29; Aug 01,10,19,28; Sep 09,18,27; Oct 08,17,26;Nov 07,16,25; Dec 06,15,24

  • You may have a high temper and a suspicious mind.
  • You may experience the death of very close family member.
  • Be careful of accidents and traffic violations.
  • Alcohol is very damaging to your life...avoid it.
  • You think very deeply about life and may be extremely religious.
  • If you are positive, you may become famous.
  • You make a great politician or spiritual guru.
  • You will live a long life and may work in a hospital.
  • Working for the government will be very beneficial for you.
  • You seem to be always struggling to fulfill your desires in life.
  • You spend more than you earn and will have financial problems.
  • You are very honest and may lose in partnership because of this.
  • Negative husbands may abuse their wives physically and mentally.
  • You have a loud voice and love to shout at other sometimes.
  • The key to your happiness...attend churches and donate yourself to charitable organization.


If #1 symbolizes the beginning, #9 embraces all the previous numbers and symbolizes finality and completeness. In numerological terms, it reproduces itself, as the digits of all multiples of 9 add up to 9; for example, 4 x 9 = 36, and then 3 + 6 = 9. It is a sacred and mystical number, with many Biblical and legendary references: nine orders of angels, a nine days' wonder, nine points of the law, nine months of pregnancy, nine lives of a cat, and so on. Nines are determined fighters; they tend to be compassionate, determined, seekers of perfection; but also self-regarding, impulsive, possessive, and moody. Their friendships tend to be with threes and sixes. Sometimes you doubt the existence of God and sometimes you believe in God. You are a child of the Sea and must pray to the Ocean for the fulfillment of your desires.

Your temper, your passions and your inner self are constantly erupting like a volcano. If you are positive, you may experience a very high spiritual or psychic connection with the universe. You could become very famous in life and will make an excellent Priest or Brahmin. A positive involvement with the government may put you in the position of a police officer, congressman or even president of a country. A negative involvement with the government may bring you into association with criminals, accusation of a crime or in conflict with the courts, the IRS or lawyers. You are very high natured and usually need the companion of the opposite sex constantly. After marriage your frustrations can easily result in aggressiveness if you are denied sexual attention from your lover. Even though you are aware that you are wrong in many things you may deny that such things are happening to you and this usually result in negative attractions to life. If you are negative you may become an alcoholic or a drug addict.

This type of life may surely bring you into contact with the courts and the prisons. Your harshness to others and your temper must be controlled otherwise you may experience divorces, violent encounters with your spouse or lover and possible exposure to distress from criminals. On the other hand if you are positive you may experience many unique religious psychic and astrological experiences. You could become very famous or very notorious. It is possible that you may experience misfortune and accidents in the middle part of your life. If you are negative and insult or criticize religious groups or individuals you may receive a curse from God. This may come in the form of cancer, AIDS, tuberculosis or any other incurable diseases. Your karma in this life is to read, learn, meditate, teach and learn the wisdom of life. Some of you may become hermits, yogis and gurus prepared to save the world from sin and destruction. Your knowledge is very high and encompassing. You could develop a great love for others without boundaries. You usually experience the death of many friends and family. Your home may also be located close to a cemetery or a large body of water. You may also experience natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, etc. Your life may change every nine years and depending upon whether it's positive or negative the change may follow accordingly. You have the ability to request from God directly all the things you desire in life. However this can only be done if you maintain positive relationship with the government, Peaceful love life with your spouse, and respectful humility with elders and priests. Even if you are a judge and you have violated the divine principles of life you may be struck down. The only way to achieve success in your life is to meditate, seek out a TEACHER and maintain a strict meatless diet. You must always be ready to follow the philosophy of truth and be willing to teach or give without selfishness. Christians are advised to fast and maintain a regular attendance to church services and charitable work.

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