Your Wholelife Mahadasha Reading

The dasa shows how our karma unfolds in Astrology. There are many dasa systems in Vedic Astrology that allow us to see karma unfolding here on Earth.
The most prominent is the Vimshottari dasa system. It is a system that uses a 120 year cycle where each planet rules a certain number of years, which is also broken down into sub periods from there. The sub periods (called bhuktis) are in the same order and divided relative to the dasa length below. For instance Ketu dasa starts with Ketu / Ketu, then Ketu / Venus, then Ketu / Sun, etc. Very accurate results are possible using this dasa system to predict what karmas will unfold at what time When will you get a job or career you like?...when will my life start to experience good fortunes, instead of misery? How long will the imprisonment last? long will I live? Will the court case end in success? How long will my child spend in college? What will happen to me now and in the next few years? How long will the disease last? Will my life ever change its direction in a positive way?


The true clock of the universe is not man-made. The most accurate time measurement of age and life are the planets in the solar system. When used as timers the planets can indicate like a the hand of a clock every second, minute, hour and day of our life and the events that unfold. The Dasa system or what we called a planetary cycle of system was developed by the ancient scientists, sages and Rishis of the Vedic Sciences. 



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