About Swamiji

Swami Ram Charran is the spiritual head of the Jyotish Ashram and Hindu Learning Center. His lineage is traced back to a small village in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh prior to the period of indenture-ship and transmigration to the colony of British Guiana. He was born and raised in a Brahman family in the County of Berbice and even in his early years, he always expressed an interest in a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the universe. As a child, he listened to teachings of the two famous Hindu epics, the Ramayana and the Bhagavad Gita and tried to read any literature about Vedic philosophy on which he could lay his hands. In his early twenties, he emigrated to the United States of America and commenced studies in the Science of Physics at the City College of New York State University. Through the works of scientists such as Fritjof Capra and writings such as The Dancing Wu Li Masters, Ram began to make the link between the Physical Sciences and the Vedic Scriptures. He began to see the relationship between the dancing atomic particles and the dancing Nata Raja. He began to see the relationship between the seven visible colours in sunlight that was discovered by Sir Isaac Newton and the illustration of the seven horses that drew the chariot of the Sun God Surya Devta, a picture which is thousands of years old.  He also saw the relationship between the planets and the Nav-grahas of the Vedic Scriptures.

Intrigued with this connection between what was written in the Vedic scriptures thousands of years ago and the confirmation of what modern scientists are now finding,  Ram left the prestigious learning environment of the world renowned university and joined the simple life of the yogis amidst natural settings at the Siddha Meditation Ashram in the Catskill mountains. There he pursued a rigorous discipline of learning, devotional service and spiritual development. Soon he was qualified to make the journey to the sacred site of Gurudev Siddhapeet - the Siddha Ashram in Ganeshpuri in India - where he continued his rigorous sadhana. Through the divine grace of his Guru Gurumayai Chidvilasananda,  Ram pursued his spiritual path to eventually reach the state of enlightenment which qualified him to be ordained as a Swami. The ochre robe symbolizes his simplicity of life. Late one night, a young woman came to seek his help. Red slashes were appearing at random, right before his eyes, on different parts of her body. Faced with an almost insurmountable problem of life-and-death to which he had no answer, Swami-ji pleaded with Lord Shiva for help. In a moment of spiritual revelation, Lord Shiva granted him a boon and he was able to heal the young lady.

Since that unforgettable evening so many years ago, Swami-ji has been able to focus his work and to help thousands of individuals to live a more successful life in the following five areas:

  1. Healing
    Swami-ji has healed thousands of suffering people from the effects of the dark forces and negative energies. His research into the world of paranormal activities led him to an understanding of how negative energies, ghosts, spirits and other paranormal influences affect peoples' lives in very adverse ways.
    2.  Prediction
    Through a combined understanding of the 108 elements in the universe, the multiple aspects of the Hindu Gods and the nine (9) digits in our mathematical system, Swami-ji developed a computer program that enables him to predict a person’s past, present and future with almost 100% accuracy.
    3.  Jyotish
    In 1990, Swami-ji published the first English Panchang called the Hindu Patra. Through this work which Swami-ji keeps current from year to year, he has simplified the Jyotishi Yoga for the pundits in the West.  His Vedic Astrology handbooks are distributed through subscription, in North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe and India.
    4.  Puja
    Through his in-depth Vedic learning, Swami-ji has brought back the ancient Puja rituals into focus to help people change their lives. He follows the 16 upacaras that are outlined in the sacred scriptures as he shows how the ancient Puja ritual affirms our scientific understanding of the planetary system in the universe.  Through the use of the scientific puja process, people are able to change their karmas and very quickly resolve life to enjoy a better future.
    5.  Vedic Teaching
    Swami-ji has dedicated his life to healing, to learning and to teaching. He travels frequently to different parts of the world to heal the suffering and has established the Hindu Learning Center of the Jyotish Ashram to teach the sacred Vedic philosophy and its relationship to the world of modern science.

People will generally turn to God and seek out the spiritual path under the following circumstances:

  • When they desire something specific
  • When they have the quest for knowledge
  • When they are suffering

If you feel that you are suffering and that your life is not progressing as it should; if you feel that your health is deteriorating for unexplainable reasons; if you feel that your prosperity is being drained away; if you encounter repeated problems with your job or business; if you suffer from frequent family quarrels and tension, then you may be suffering from the blockages caused by the build-up of negative energies. Swami-ji understands the orchestrations of the universe. Swami-ji will be able to help you.

Swamiji conducts seminars at various locations in North America, Europe and the West Indies.
Some of the topics covered are:

  • Meditation, Chanting Yoga
  • Kundalini, development of Chakra Yoga
  • Vedic Astrology, Jyotish Yoga
  • Vedic (Puja) Rituals Yoga
  • Planetary Claming Yoga
  • Guyana Yoga (Universal Secrets)


The Heendu Learning Center, also known as JYOTISH ASHRAM, was first established in 1990 by Swami Ram Charran for the purpose of bringing back ancient Vedic Scientific knowledge that had been lost in history. 

His contribution towards the return of ancient knowledge back to Hinduism has resulted in the changing and improvement of many people’s lives.

The Heendu Learning Center publishes many books and periodicals; the general concentration is on Vedic Astrology, ritual science and scientific analysis of universal forces. Research is in continuous process and results are published in an annual magazine called, THE PATRA. The Heendu Learning Center has combined its efforts as a member of the AMERICAN FEDERATION OF ATROLOGERS to provide easy and simple understanding of the exact sciences of Vedic Astrology.

Swami Ram Charran had promoted this Vedic knowledge through many seminars, lectures, television and radio interviews, yagans, astrological conventions and many other types of media. His video tapes, cassettes and books are all distributed through the Heendu Learning Center.

The intense work carried on by the Ashram Center in the promotion of knowledge survives on donations provided by the members and the management group. Donations are received from the HEENDU LEARNING CENTER INC. for the management of the religious and spiritual services provided. The Ashram also promotes the teaching of Vedic Astrology, Learning of Hindu Music, Courses on the Vedas and Puranas, the science of Vedic Rituals and Pujas and much more information on the Vedic Sciences. All questions, subscriptions, memberships and comments will be welcomed.

The Heendu Learning Center is located in Florida. The Center can be monitored or reached by going to the website, www.swamiramcharran.com.