Durga - Female Energy

God in the Form of Motherhood, Birth, the Female, And Materialism

Without the Female Energy, There Is No Reproduction, No Continuity, and the World Dies

The representation of the female is that which is pretty and good-looking. It can create false appearance and materialism. She is sensuous, exotic, shapely, and sexy, decorated, and likes to be loved tenderly. She is a good cook and feeds the man, is the source of all bliss, controller of the serpent energy, upholder of the family, protector of the home, and speaks with a sweet voice to all.

Without the female energy, there is no reproduction, no continuity, and the world dies. So the heat of love, known as Shakti, must be satisfied and calmed before creation can take place in material form. The body of the woman is what makes the children who then create the universe around themselves. Without a woman there can be no birth, no man, no world, and no God. Everything comes through a woman.

THE CHAKRA (Wheel of Time) - universal continuity thru birth

THE SWORD - Destruction of the universe by abortions and separation

THE FLOWER- connection between male and female to give fruits

THE TRIDENT - Female body has power over birth, life, and death

THE GADAHA - Protection of the female body, the world, and the gods

THE BOW AND ARROW - the creation or destruction by a woman's words

THE BLESSING HAND - sending the blessings of the gods to devotees

THE SHELL - the sweet sounds thru which a woman can get all Desires

THE TIGER - the aggressive and unloved man to be calmed by love

Durga Chalisa