Vedic Astrological Patra

The Purpose and Benefits of Vedic Astrological Patra

1. To notify all Hindus or non-Hindus about specific holidays, fasts, and festivals celebrated by

Hindus as given by the lunar calendar.


2. To provide all Hindu Pundits and astrologers with a Hindu calendar of each lunar day, the ruling

zodiac sign for that day, the ruling star constellation for that day, the daily yoga or planetary

influences and so on.


3. To provide information that can be used by a Pundit or astrologer so that he can determine what

are the auspicious days, hour, or month for conducting a religious ceremony or event.


4. To help a Hindu determine when is a good time to:

a) Get married

b) Move into a new home

c) Perform medical operations

d) Investing in the stock market

e) Travel

f) and more....


5. To notify a Hindu family as to whether a baby was born at an auspicious time or whether a

person has died on an unlucky day.


6. To provide a Hindu with accurate predictions of his or her life so that steps can be taken to avoid

negative experiences in their lives.


7. To provide a Hindu person with monthly, yearly, and daily forecast of his or her life based on:

a) Birth sign or Janam Rasi

b) Birth star or Janam Nakshatra

c) Birth lord or Ishta Devta

d) and more....


8. To assist a Hindu devotee, to change his destiny and avoid negative experiences in his life

through the help of:

a) Suggested Poojas or rituals

b) Yantras, Mantras, and Tantric cures

c) Meditation and yoga teachings

d) and more...


9. To assist all Hindus by bringing back the use of ancient formulas that were used

by the great Rishis and Sages for creating a successful life style so that we can

properly use the science of Hinduism for the elimination of bad marriages,

unhealthy babies, financial disasters, and so on. To bring back the old science of

the Hindus, a science greater than the science of today, thereby creating a better

world for our future generation.


Tips on Using This Year of the Hindu Patra


1. Look up the birth name given to a baby born anytime this year by using the LUNAR CALENDAR OF TITHIS. In this calendar you will find that on a specific date given in that row you will find the birth star, the birth yoga, the birth sign, the lunar day of birth, the birth name sound, the Hindu month of birth, the moon's phase of birth, and so on for this baby.

2. After finding the information above you may look up the meaning of each on of these in the pages that follow the LUNAR CALENDAR. For example, if you wish to know what the birth sign of the newborn baby predicts you will look up the meaning of that sign under the pages titled Zodiac Signs or Janam Rasis or if you wish to know the meaning of the birth star then look up the forecast under birth star and so on.

3. If you wish to perform yearly forecast or do predictions on your own life then you need to know these very details as shown above based on your actual date of birth. Since this book only covers the present year to get your birth information you may need to get a "100 YEAR PATRA BOOK" that we publish or you may obtain a FREE birth chart from the Hindu Astrology Center, which will provide you with all the details of your birth so that you can use this book to make predictions for yourself.

4. In this book you can find out who your ISHTA DEVTA or Karmic Ruler is and the same for anyonein your family. Using the ISHTA DEVTA you will be able to predict most of the experiences that you will have in this year or the coming year. Through the ISHTA DEVTA you will also be able to predict your monthly and your daily experiences. Using the ISHTA DEVTA also you can determine if your marriage is compatible and whether your home is a good location for you....and many more.

5. Following the LUNAR CALENDAR are pages containing CHAKRA POSITIONS FOR ALL PLANETS. These are squares containing twelve divisions where each division is represented by a Zodiac Sign. Finding your birth sign, and if there are planets contained in that division or sign then these planets will affect you for the year. These planets affecting your sign are known as GRAHAS.


6. Whenever you're planning a wedding date the LUNAR CALENDAR has a column depicting whether that day is regarded as "LAGAN" or not. If Lagan is shown then it is an auspicious day for marriage.


7. If someone dies then the LUNAR CALENDAR has a column which indicates whether that date is a "PANCHAK" day or not. If it is a PANCHAK date then you need to see your priest immediately to avoid more deaths in the family.


8. Suggestions for timing certain events in your life such as when to move, when to travel, when to borrow money, when to file a court case, and so on, can be found on the section called MUHURTHA in the latter half of this book. It is well known that the time or day that you start something will determine its success or failure. You're advised to use this section as much as you can.


9. Magic squares and diagrams sometimes called "Tabiche" or "Talismans" are provided in the final part of this book. Poojas or rituals that can be used to cure illnesses, save a life, stop financial distress, avoid marriage problems, and bring prosperity to the family are also provided for the benefit of the Hindu who's a devotee of this science.