Your Wholelife BHUKTI Reading

PLANETARY PERIODS are known as DASA LORDS and so you will find that a GRAHA EFFECT is sometimes called a MAHA DASA which are major periods covering 7 years to 20 years.

Sub periods are called BHUKTIS covering periods of 3 months to 3 years. These are further divided into PRANYANTAR DASAS, which cover periods lasting from days to months.

Each person when born is given a LIFESPAN of 120 years. This is lessened or gained according to a person's actions and choices by free will. If the person chooses to eat meat for example, this can shorten his life span, or if the person becomes a vegetarian at some point in his life, then his life span can increase. There are hundreds of other factors that can affect your life, such as smoking, drugs, alcohol, charitable activities and more.


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