Pujas & Their Purpose & Benefits

     What is the Correct Day to Perform A Puja

There has been a lot of confusion regarding when is a good time to do a specific puja and wether your puja will be done on the right day and so on. Usually  pundits and hindu priests will tell a yagman that a  a specific  puja has to be done a specific day or else the puja would not be blessed. This is incorrect and misleading. If such is the case tnen why do all the temples do all the pujas on sunday morning?  Nowadays hindu some priests do pujas according to their own convenience. They do not check wether its a good dya or time to do a puja, but rather they do it according to appointment. This is not good either because  certain days and times and months when a puja is done the results of blessing will take longer.  Some priests may tell a yagman that he needs to do a specific puja every year....this not true!. It is good to do a puja every year but ..does a car break down in the same place every year?...so also does a person have the same problems in their life every year.? Of course not!!...when a person have problems with money they would have to do laxmi puja, when they have  education poblems a saraswaty puja will be needed, and  when a woman has marriage problems a shiva puja is needed. As you can see the pujas are done every year according to the need. If you wish to perform a specic puja every year consult with your hindu priest .  Such a priest must have knowledge of vedic astrology or jyotish,  if not  such a priest will not be able to tell what kind of puja is required for you to do.                                                                                                                            

Usually any puja can be done anytime or any day because prayer to god can never be bad.....however  if a puja is done at at certain times, certain results can be obtained and the benefits can be increased if its done at the most auspicious time. How does a person which is the most auspicious time for a puja?... Well, here is a simple table that may guide  you to know if your puja is being done at a good time.  The day you perform a puja will determine what is your desire for that puja, and what blessings you will recieve, the time of your puja is auspicous according to your birth time and so on...                                                                                                                   

 WHAT IS LAXMI PUJA?                                                                                                                             

It is a detailed ceremony to the mother of wealth and light, the forces of prosperity, income, beauty, enjoyment, luxury, and abundance—and overcoming greed lust and darkness.                           


WHAT IS MOOLA PUJA?                                                                                                                            

When a baby is born on an unfortunate day, which is determined by the negative experiences of the parents during the nine months of gestation, then a Moola Puja is recommended. The Moola Puja involves several different types of rituals which can be used to ward off the negative influences of an unfortunate birth date of the baby. Such things as divorces, separation of family members, sickness to the baby, death of maternal uncles, imprisonments, court cases, and accidents can all be avoided if a Moola Puja is performed after the baby’s birth. It is also advisable that the father should not see the baby until a priest has been consulted about the baby’s birthday or until this Puja is done.


WHAT IS NAV-GRAHA PUJA?                                                                                                                             

A ritual designed to bring peace to the planets that are affecting your life in a negative way at this moment. By removing the malefic effects of the planets, obstacles affecting finance, health, career, marriage, love life, and family life can be removed. Whenever the planets are in malefic positions in your horoscope, this Puja or ritual can be performed to make the planets more positive in their influence on your life at this time


WHAT IS PANCHAK PUJA?                                                                                                                                  

A ritual designed to stop the further deaths of the next five family members as a result of the recent death of a family member in the period called Ganesh. Ganesh occurs when the five elements or energies are very negative at the moment of the person’s death. A knowledgeable priest and astrologer can conduct this ritual by satisfying the negative energies by preparing five dolls energized with mantras; thereby accompanying the buried individual with these five dolls, fulfilling the prophecy of burying five individuals ahead of time. This saves the others from meeting their deaths. In other words, this ritual will save other family members connected to that dead person from dying within the next five years.


WHAT IS PITRI PUJA?                                                                                                                                

It is a detailed ceremony for the deities, and the manes or forefathers (ancestors) — to release all of the sinned ancestors from hell and place their condemned souls in heaven so that they can be re-incarnated again on Earth.

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Shiva lingam puja

This is a special puja with mantra, designed to create love and marriage in a person's life. When it is chanted during Shiva lingam Puja, it is very effective in brining a woman a perfect husband or for a man, a perfect wife.

This particular mantra should be chanted everyday by a woman to attract her soul mate or her lover and to create happiness in marriage life.

Women should do on every Tuesday and Man should do every Monday. You can also do it daily.


  • 1 Black Shiva lingam with the snake on it.
  • Whole milk (6-12 oz)  – Wealth
  • Plain yogurt (1 tbsp. – 1 oz.) – Bliss
  • Honey (1 tbsp or more) – Sweet speech between couple
  • Coconut water (1 oz.) – Increased thinking of each other
  • Cane juice (1 oz.) – Attention from Lover
  • Dhai/Tumeric – Peace of Mind
  • Mustard Seeds – To Remove Enemies


Place the Shiva lingam in a tari (pan), with the spout of the Shiva lingam facing North and yourself facing east, as is indicating in the following picture.

Make dhar by mixing the materials (Whole Milk, Plain Yogurt, Honey, Coconut Water, Cane Juice, Dhai/Tumeric, Mustard Seeds) in a lota (cup).

Pour the dhar slowly on the top of the Shiva lingam and repeat the following mantra at least 27 times OM NAMHA SHIVAYA, before the dhar runs out. At the end of the day, before sunset, throw the dhar onto the roots of a tree near your home.

For a Happy Married LIfe chant the following as much as you can

Hey Gowree Shankar Ar Dhan Gim Yatha  Twam
shankar priya tatha mam kuru kalyani kantu kantam sudurlabham

RECITE 27 TIMES DAILY...................