Your Mahadasha & BHUKTI Effects Solution Guide

How to Avoid Negative Effects from the Planets

The followers of Vedic astrology believe that the navgrahas are responsible for ups and downs encountered throughout life. Certain practices and rites are recommended for a harmonious life. The methods of propitiation are many and varied and are termed as upaaya - or solution - and can take the form of a sacred ritual conducted by learned priests, or regular giving of alms to certain castes/classes of people, or chanting or listening to chants, or wearing clothes of a particular colour, or even wearing certain gemstones.

As the planets pass through the houses of the Chakra chart or the signs in the chart, they affect different segments of your life. For example, if Sun is in the 1st house, this would affect your life in terms of status, career, promotions, body temperature, etc. If Sun is also your Dasa lord at that time then as the Sun moves through the other houses it will affect you dramatically in those areas of your life represented by that house position. The other planets will have minimum effect. The same would be for you, Sun was your Bhukti lord. How long it will affect you depends on how long the Bhukti or Dasa years are.


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