Lord Shiva - Male Energy

God in the Form of Time Personified, Space-Time Relativity, Male Energy and the Unattached Elevated Man

Without Time There Is No Continuity, So the Universe Stops

Time is what makes growth. Therefore, it is time that creates all. Only time can be without change. Time waits for no one and each moment is different from the one that just passed. The upright phallic image represents upward growth over time.

Shiva represents time to live, to die, to love, to eat, to fight, to destroy, and time to be sad or happy. Shiva is married to Kali – destroyer of time. When time is destroyed, bad luck, failure, and other negative things happen. The planting of seeds (sperm) represents the start of time or the commencement of the universe.

Shiva represents the creation of the universe through love, connection with the female, the male seeds of energy, destruction of evil, procreation of a son to upkeep the family name, the calmed man, the meditative man, the ideal man, the protector of the females, giver of all prosperity, the solid mass, the inner soul of a man, the controlled man, the man without attachment, the logical man, the man who is gentle and ready to love, the protector of the female, the controller of emotion (Ganga), the controller of time (Moon), the True Guru, the Agora – controller of demons and spirits.

Shiva lingam puja

This is a special puja with mantra, designed to create love and marriage in a person's life. When it is chanted during Shiva lingam Puja, it is very effective in brining a woman a perfect husband or for a man, a perfect wife.

This particular mantra should be chanted everyday by a woman to attract her soul mate or her lover and to create happiness in marriage life.

Women should do on every Tuesday and Man should do every Monday. You can also do it daily.


  • 1 Black Shiva lingam with the snake on it.
  • Whole milk (6-12 oz)  – Wealth
  • Plain yogurt (1 tbsp. – 1 oz.) – Bliss
  • Honey (1 tbsp or more) – Sweet speech between couple
  • Coconut water (1 oz.) – Increased thinking of each other
  • Cane juice (1 oz.) – Attention from Lover
  • Dhai/Tumeric – Peace of Mind
  • Mustard Seeds – To Remove Enemies


Place the Shiva lingam in a tari (pan), with the spout of the Shiva lingam facing North and yourself facing east, as is indicating in the following picture.

Make dhar by mixing the materials (Whole Milk, Plain Yogurt, Honey, Coconut Water, Cane Juice, Dhai/Tumeric, Mustard Seeds) in a lota (cup).

Pour the dhar slowly on the top of the Shiva lingam and repeat the following mantra at least 27 times OM NAMHA SHIVAYA, before the dhar runs out. At the end of the day, before sunset, throw the dhar onto the roots of a tree near your home.

For a Happy Married LIfe chant the following as much as you can

Hey Gowree Shankar Ar Dhan Gim Yatha  Twam
shankar priya tatha mam kuru kalyani kantu kantam sudurlabham

RECITE 27 TIMES DAILY...................