2022 LifeCode # 8 Downloadable  Program for LAXMI Yearly Forecast
2022 LifeCode # 8 Downloadable  Program for LAXMI Yearly Forecast
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 2022 LifeCode # 8 Downloadable  Program for LAXMI Yearly Forecast

2022 LifeCode # 8 Downloadable Program for LAXMI Yearly Forecast

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For LifeCode # 8 

Lifecode #8 is for the following birth dates: Jan 7,16,25; Feb 6,15,24; Mar 5,14,23; Apr 4,13,22; May 3,12,21,30; Jun 2,11,20,29; Jul 1,10,19,28; Aug 9,18,27; Sep 8,17,26; Oct 7,16,25; Nov 6,15,24; Dec 5,14,23

  • You love money and you constantly think about it.
  • You may have a business of your own at some point in life.
  • Money flows through your hands very easily.
  • If you are spiritual and conservative, the money will stay.
  • You love expensive things and may love to shop a great deal.
  • Your favorite color may be pink if you are a female.
  • You have a strong ego.
  • Investments in the stock market may prove to be profitable.
  • You love jewelry and may own of lot of them.
  • You must avoid wearing anything black in life and this will kill your prosperity in life.
  • Silver and pearls are very lucky for you and will make you prosperous


These people will achieve success but not necessarily happiness. They may possess the drive and ability to lead, and thus receive material wealth and recognition, but they can often drive themselves too hard, repressing their feelings, suffering tension, and missing satisfying relationships.

All of your actions and your thoughts are related to money. You may become a wealthy businessperson or a bankrupt millionaire. You like to buy expensive and extravagant items. Your taste is very luxurious and your thinking is very materialistic. You worry a great deal about money and may be a big spender or a big saver according to your karma in this life. You may experience sudden prosperity in life and then all of a sudden find yourself in poverty again for this is a very karmic influence that you are born under. This life that you lead presently may account for all the good or bad actions you have performed in previous lives. This is called the judgment life for you. As a businessperson you may own a very large and profitable company. As an employee you may be earning a very high salary. If you are negative you may be unable to save any money in the bank. You may also experience a great deal of financial problems and may lose money through the opposite sex. Your spending may be more than your income. Other negativities are revolution, rupture, excess materialism, deceit and trickery with regard to money, etc. On the other hand if you are a positive and a very spiritual person you could become very powerful and financially very wealthy in life. Your understanding of material aspects will be excellent throughout your life and you will be a very successful money earner.  You are an excellent negotiator in business transactions and may achieve most of your wealth after your marriage. You possess a special ability to analyze financial trends and gambling secrets that few people may know about. If you are careful about your health and the kind of food you eat you may live a very long life, possibly up 108 years. You may become very wealthy through investments in real estate or stock markets. Your sexual vitality is very high and this may present some interesting romantic adventures in your life. You seek occupations that are very political and powerful such as City Manager, Corporate Director, etc. This power or money could well go the other way as much as it promises it is destructive. This karma is called the judgment of life where all actions from past lives are in this life are accounted for. Christians are advised to follow the parables outlined in the New Testament in the teachings of Christ and look upon him as the true TEACHER of mankind

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