2022 LifeCode # 7 Downloadable Program for SHIVA Yearly Forecast
2022 LifeCode # 7 Downloadable Program for SHIVA Yearly Forecast
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2022 LifeCode # 7 Downloadable Program for SHIVA Yearly Forecast

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by Swami Ram Charran

For LifeCode # 7 

Lifecode #7 is for the following birth dates: Jan 6,15,24; Feb 05,14,23; Mar 04,13,22,31; Apr 03,12,21,30; May 02,11,20,29; Jun 01,10,19,28; Jul 09,18,27; Aug 08,17,26; Sep 07,16,25; Oct 06,15,24; Nov 05,14,23; Dec 04,13,22,31

  • Your mind is running at a thousand miles an hour.
  • You are constantly thinking and analyzing everything.
  • Sometimes you keep most of your thoughts to yourself.
  • You do not tell your plans very easily to others.
  • You feel you are right in everything 33% of the time.
  • Sometimes you think everyone is against you.
  • You are very beautiful, or handsome in the case of males.
  • You attract the opposite sex very easily.
  • Your need for love and romance is very high.
  • You experience many difficulties in your marriage.
  • A sure key to happiness for you is meditation and music.
  • You are very kind hearted and are sometimes deceived easily by your lovers.
  • You should avoid the color black...wear light colors.


Seven is the most significant and magical of the numbers. It has long been held sacred, as is shown by the extraordinary frequency of seven in mythology, the Bible, and classifications of all kinds: there are seven notes in the musical scale, seven phases of the Moon, seven seas, seven heavenly bodies in the old Ptolemaic system, seven wonders of the world, seven hills of Rome, seven virtues, seven deadly sins, seven days of creation, seven plagues of Egypt, seven sentences in the Lord's Prayer, seven trumpets in the Apocalypse, and many more. The seventh son of a seventh son is believed to possess great magical powers. People who are Sevens are sometimes great thinkers and may have an occult or psychic side. They may be researchers, investigators, or inventors. They have an affinity with the sea and often travel widely. But they must use their powers wisely, avoiding pride and cynicism, and accepting that their talents will never make them materially rich.

You have a secretive and sometimes very private personality. You hardly speak about what you are thinking but your mind is running at 100 miles per hour. However, when you do speak your words are like fire ready to destroy the person you are directing it at. People around you see you as an egg shell ready to break with the slightest intimidation so your partner or lover feels like he or she is always walking on eggshells because he or she never knows when you are going to find something wrong with him or her. Your criticism of others can be very high and may prevent others from getting very close to you. You tend to hold back a lot of your personal feelings about others. Even your beloved one will ask you when you are going to say "I love you." It is very important that you do not analyze others too much for there are no such persons who are perfect in everything. The first lesson you must learn in life is that no one can be perfect. Once you have learnt this your love life and your marriage life will be much happier. You possess a very high temper and may sometimes speak very harshly to others. If this is a quality that is carried into your marriage it may surely end in divorce. Out of all others in this astrological analysis you possess the highest ego there is. You will never admit when you are wrong. You will never admit when you feel weak inside and you will always put up an outward appearance much different from the one that is inner. Your true feelings never seem to come out, even though your true feelings given to the other person will solve all the problems. If you are an extremely negative individual you may be addicted to drugs, alcohol or smoking. You may also be constantly complaining over petty or unnecessary matters. A small matter may worry you a great deal. You are constantly studying or reading if you are not sleeping or relaxing watching TV. You are very slow in your movements and may experience many delays in your life as a result of this. You may get married very late in life. If you do get married early there may be a possibility of separation. Late marriages are usually more successful. Your interests may lie in the field of medicine and if you study medical sciences you will be successful in a career associated with it. If you are a positive individual you may become a priest, a yogi or saint. If you are religious you may experience inner encounters with God and other divine manifestations of the universal deities. If you happen to find yourself a GURU you may experience a divine connection through that personality. If this path is followed most of your wishes will be fulfilled in life and your desires may become a reality. You may encounter many religious individuals in your life. You are advised to pay much attention to what they say for their advice may be very beneficial to you. Respect must be given to all holy people or elders in the family. Christians are advised to say the Lord's Prayer 11 times every day.

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