2022 LifeCode # 6 HANUMAN Yearly Forecast Guidebook Swami Ram Charran LIFE CODE
2022 LifeCode # 6 HANUMAN Yearly Forecast Guidebook Swami Ram Charran LIFE CODE
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 2022 LifeCode # 6 HANUMAN Yearly Forecast Guidebook Swami Ram Charran LIFE CODE

2022 LifeCode # 6 HANUMAN Yearly Forecast Guidebook Swami Ram Charran LIFE CODE

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by Swami Ram Charran

For LifeCode # 6 

Lifecode #6 is for the following birth dates: Jan 05,14,23; Feb 04,13,22; Mar 03,12,21,30; Apr 02,11,20,29; May 01,10,19,28; Jun 09,18,27; Jul 08,17,26; Aug 07,16,25; Sep 06,15,24; Oct 05,14,23; Nov 04,13,22; Dec 03,12,21,30

  • You like to be in charge and have a very strong ego.
  • You may experience a career with many responsibilities, which you may handle well.
  • If you fail to handle your responsibilities in life you will experience misery.
  • You may experience a lower or upper back pain, if not headaches or migraines.
  • A bad diet may affect your blood pressure and health.
  • If you are not working for the government, you may be constantly harassed by government problems.
  • If you are having a difficult time repaying your debts, you could lose your home through foreclosure.
  • You may be a very responsible person and may have a business of your own.
  • You do not accept astrology or occult studies very easily.
  • You feel very frustrated, especially when you cannot have things your way.
  • Your key to happiness is acceptance and spirituality.
  • You should avoid the color red because it creates pain.


Six is the number of the emotions. Mathematically, it is a "perfect number” because it is the sum of its factors, 1, 2, and 3. People under its sway tend to be reliable and well-rounded. There is a love of home, of peace and beauty, and harmony. Sixes tend to be artistic, and good with children and animals. They may also be too sympathetic, too self-sacrificing, too stubborn, too concerned with duty, perhaps too interfering. But they are among the most popular of people, making good friends and partners.

Responsibility, high tempers and power are some of the qualities in your life. It is possible that as a young person growing up you possessed a very strong personality and a high temper. You may have many quarrels with relative and friends because of jealousy or a battle for power. You like to be in charge and are not willing to take orders from others very easily. You prefer to be a supervisor or boss instead of an employee. Your ego is very high and this may present many difficulties in your life where you may be unable to admit when you are wrong even when you know you are. If you are negative, it is quite possible that you may be suffering from a serious pain in your lower back for which doctors are unable to find a cure. It is recommended that you see the Vedic Priest or Astrologer for proper advice on how to get rid of this back pain, which can become very irritating sometimes. In addition to this affliction, you may also suffer migraine headaches, which may be as a result of your inability to control your anger within. If positive and religious you can be an excellent marriage partner provided you assume proper responsibility for your family and relationships. You are accident prone and must be careful when handling machinery or vehicles. Employment with the government or the military forces may be very beneficial to you and you are advised to seek such opportunities. On the other hand you enjoy power and ruler-ship over your life and your environment. As a leader or supervisor you perform excellently and earn respect from others.

If you allow your ego to make you a non-believer in religion or God you may suffer prolonged diseases such as high blood pressure, heart problems or cancer. These diseases may develop as a result of constant meat eating, drinking alcohol or taking unnecessary drugs. It is advisable that you should be a vegetarian if possible and maintain a meditation schedule. For other non-believers it is possible that you may experience many difficulties with the courts, attorneys and mortgage companies. You must learn to maintain your responsibility with regard to loans or any monies borrowed. Married individuals may experience many separations with their spouse. This may occur as a result of unexpected responsibilities which may create misunderstandings. People who are usually divorced as a result of this may find themselves to be very unhappy after the divorce. Your wealth and prosperity lies in staying married. Christians are advised to read the book of Proverbs and follow the advice given there for worship of the Lord.


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