2022 LifeCode # 5 Downloadable Program for NARAYAN Yearly Forecast
2022 LifeCode # 5 Downloadable Program for NARAYAN Yearly Forecast
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 2022 LifeCode # 5 Downloadable Program for NARAYAN Yearly Forecast

2022 LifeCode # 5 Downloadable Program for NARAYAN Yearly Forecast

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by Swami Ram Charran

For LifeCode # 5


Lifecode #5 is for the following birth dates: Jan 04,13,22-,31; Feb 03,12,21; Mar 02,11,20,29; Apr 01,10,19,28; May 09,18,27; Jun 08,17,26; Jul 07,16,25; Aug 06,15,24; Sep 05,14,23; Oct 04,13,22,31; Nov 03,12,21, 30; Dec 02,11,20,29


  • You change your mind a great deal and very quickly.
  • You love to travel and will experience many change of residences.
  • It is very hard for others to access your thinking.
  • You have great intuitive powers and you will usually know things ahead of time.
  • You can read others personality very easily.
  • You can feel the energy of others and may know their thoughts about you.
  • Usually you are too helpful to others to the detriment of yourself...you give of yourself too much.
  • You do many things to help others without asking for compensation.
  • Your connection with the universe is very profound and your mission in life seems to be to help others.
  • You give great counseling and advice to friends and family.
  • You are not very lucky with relative and family members.
  • You make friends easily...friends help you the most in life.
  • The more good actions in life, the more beneficial it will be for you.
  • You have the ability to develop psychic powers and may heal others by touching.
  • You may experience problems with the government, IRS or immigration
  • At some point in your life, you will be influence greatly by a spiritual leader.

 Five represents the senses. There is activity, change, a hatred of routine, a need for novelty, and a reputation for unpredictability. Such people are energetic, adaptable, resourceful, intelligent, and quick to learn. They may be too demanding of others, too impulsive, prone to spreading themselves too thin through too many projects at once. They make friends very easily, but are difficult to live with.

Sex, romance, lust, beauty and physical satisfaction are some of the qualities in your life. You are very much attracted to the opposite sex and you, yourself, may be quite a handsome person. You may be easily tempted into having illicit affairs if your willpower is weak. On the other hand individuals like you can become perfect husband or wife. If you find the right spouse you will be extremely faithful. The right spouse in this case means that he or she must be an extremely willing and skilled lover and he or she should be romantic. If these qualities are present in your marriage everything else falls into place. You will enjoy traveling and may visit many places in your life. You can bring change to a lot of peoples' lives and are sometimes great advisers to all others except yourself. Wherever you are present some change may occur. It is also possible that with proper knowledge and guidance you may bring about enormous changes to world philosophy and thinking. You are a great writer and can tell convincing short stories that may change peoples' beliefs. It is also possible that you may change your residence many times in your life and may live mostly away from your birthplace.

Your greatest downfall can be lust or sexual indulgences. If you are negative you may want to make love to every member of the opposite sex you come into contact with. Your taste for music can be of a wide variety and you may be concerned mostly with satisfying your bodily needs rather than your mental needs. If you are positive, you may become an extremely skilled business person or politician and may achieve very wealthy and successful positions in life. At some point in your life you may be accused falsely by others and may be stuck with many debts and loans which you may not be able to repay. You are the carrier of good news or bad news and may even like to gossip or involve yourself in informative conversations. To enjoy this karma you must learn to be sincere in all your actions. Be religious or spiritual and be respectful to elders and keep an open mind

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